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Pricing for TopGallant is based on three time frames:


  • Prime Time
  • Regular Time
  • Economy Time


"Extras" include, but are not limited to, attendants for setup, teardown, stair assistance, and onsite maintenance; table linens, tableware; projector and screen; sound system; and additional decoration desired.


We can also display your event on our digital sign (on the northeast corner of the building) the day before/of!  How fun is that??!


Please stop by to visit our facilities, give us an idea of the date of your event, your needs for the event, and together we'll make a plan.  Call for an appointment; we are happy to accommodate your schedule.



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Friday - Sunday, 9 am - 12 midnight

Monday - Thursday, 6 pm - 12 midnight

Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 6 pm


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